Buddy Blog 6/17/14

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Buddy Blog 6/17/14

This Buddy Blog post has been in the works for a while, and is finally being published!  Aren’t things supposed to slow down during the summer?  Not in our house!  Christian takes the opportunity to add MORE activities to his schedule!  As a result, time in front of the computer has been scarce!

When I first received an email from Ms. Tami Mazzella, I could feel her positive energy through her words!  She is a school counselor for Miller Elementary and Craddock Elementary in Aurora, Ohio.  After seeing the story on the Today Show, she immediately asked the principal if they could get Buddy Benches at their school and the answer was a resounding yes!  Ms. Mazzella didn’t just go get a Buddy Bench.  She formed a team of staff members and together they planned their journey for the Buddy Bench implementation.  One teacher wrote a song about the Buddy Bench that was taught to all of the students, all of the K-2 students wrote acrostic poems about the Buddy Bench, and the staff created and purchased special Buddy Bench t-shirts!  She sent me the videos of their dedication assemblies and as I watched them I could feel the excitement and energy of her students, which was the result of all of the hard work that the staff put into this process.  If you visit her blog, you can read about their Buddy Bench journey and see the videos!

Congratulations to all involved at Miller Elementary and Craddock Elementary.  We wish you much happiness and many new friendships with your Buddy Benches!


Their beautiful Buddy Bench, generously donated by the Home Depot!


Two firecrackers!  Mrs. Patti Minrovic, Principal (left) and Ms. Tami Mazzella, School Counselor (right)


The ribbon cutting!


These kiddos look happy to be sitting on their new Buddy Bench!