Buddy Blog 6/23/14

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Buddy Blog 6/23/14

Macklemore and the Roxhill Elementary Buddy Bench

Roxhill Elementary School in Seattle, Washington, lauched their Buddy Bench in a huge way!  Grammy Award winning artist, Macklemore, surprised the students during their kickoff assembly.  The Youth Ambassadors hosted the assembly and Macklemore was a very special surprise guest.  When the curtain was pulled back, there was Roxhill’s new Buddy Bench with Macklemore sitting on it!  The Youth Ambassadors, with Macklemore’s help, did a great job illustrating the different strategies for using the bench.  He spoke to the students and said “what I am all about in life, what I try to be about, is exactly what this Buddy Bench signifies, which is helping other people.  That’s what this life is all about.  It’s about giving back to others.”  Please visit this site to see the whole video of the assembly and Macklemore’s visit!  Great job Roxhill Elementary and Youth Ambassadors!


Macklemore was the first person to sign the new Buddy Bench!




Macklemore surrounded by two beautiful ladies!  His fiancé (left) and the Principal of Roxhill Elementary, Sahnica Washington (right).


The finished product!