Helping Lincoln Charter School

By Alyson Bucks on March 9, 2015 in Buddy Blog with No Comments

Helping Lincoln Charter School

Earlier this year, CORE Design Group, a local architectural design firm, asked me if I would like to work with them to help them bring a Buddy Bench to a local school.  Of course, I was excited about it and immediately agreed!  It was decided that we would work with Lincoln Charter School, and bring the first Buddy Bench to the city of York!  A lot has happened since then, as you will see in the pictures below (courtesy of CORE).  I have had so much fun going to Lincoln and helping the fifth graders understand the Buddy Bench and bring their ideas for their Buddy Bench to life.  Another local company, Wagman Construction, is going to work with CORE to bring this bench to life!  Through this process, I have been learning a lot about architecture and design from the nice people at CORE.  It’s been great!



Pictures from my first visit to Lincoln Charter.  I spoke with each of the fifth grade classes to explain the Buddy Bench.




The next step was for the students to come up with their ideas of things they wanted as part of their Buddy Bench.



I came back to Lincoln for an assembly where three different bench designs were presented to the students.  It was a fun assembly and the students were able to vote right there for their favorite design!



The winning design!