Sunset Elementary School Buddy Bench

By Alyson Bucks on July 14, 2015 in Buddy Benches Around the World with No Comments

Sunset Elementary School Buddy Bench

Three Girl Scouts decided to make a Buddy Bench for their elementary school, Sunset Elementary in Bellevue, Washington, as part of earning their Girl Scout Silver Award.  They worked for about 4 months planning and implementing their project.  Another family, the Robertsons, donated the bench.  They organized the almost 600 students at the school to paint the bench.  They wanted each child to have a part in painting the bench so there would be some ownership and the bench would be used in the right way.  They created a video describing what a Buddy Bench is.  Each teacher showed this to their class so the kids would know what it was before doing the painting.  They communicated to all the parents via email newsletter so they would also know about it.  Then, after the bench was finished, they ran a school assembly during the school’s Kindness Week and answered questions during the school’s Art Walk where the bench was displayed before being installed on the playground.  Then they created another video so that teachers can show it to future classes that attend the school.  What a tremendous effort by these girls!  Thank you for doing this for your school!

Click here to view the video that they made!