St Leonard School Buddy Bench

By Alyson Bucks on January 17, 2016 in Buddy Benches Around the World with No Comments

St Leonard School Buddy Bench

Carolyn Kopp, a Girl Scout from Muskego, Wisconsin, has been working very hard to bring a Buddy Bench to her former school.  The project is now complete!  Not only did she make a beautiful bench, she created a sustainability video which she presented to the teachers at the school.  Carolyn dedicated 93 hours and 35 minutes to this project!  We are honored that she chose to put so much time into a project based on the Buddy Bench.  Great job, Carolyn!  Below is a picture of her bench and her description.



“For my Girl Scout Gold Award, I made a Buddy Bench for my old elementary-middle school because I wanted to put an end to bullying at St. Leonard’s since I was bullied there. I made the bench over the summer and made Buddy Bench Pledge bookmarks. I did an assembly with roleplaying and handed out the bookmarks to the students and staff. I made a video for the staff to show their students every year as a sustainability.”