Bring A Bench To Your School

Here are some ideas as to how to bring a buddy bench to your school. Please remember that what works for one school may not work for another. Make sure the environment is right!

Please take the time to read this Q&A that our principal, Mr. Miller, did with a representative from Responsive Classroom.  It explains the kind of environment that was already in place at Roundtown as well as how the buddy bench was introduced at our school.

1) Set up a meeting with your principal or assistant principal to talk about the possibility of bringing a buddy bench to your school.

2) Funding the bench: think about the options- perhaps your PTO would like to sponsor this or a local business? Perhaps there is already a bench somewhere at your school that isn’t being utilized and could be moved to the playground?

3) Educate first! This can’t be emphasized enough- the students need to understand the buddy bench before it is in place.

4) Get the kids excited about it! Promote the buddy bench at an all-school assembly before it is in place on your playground.

5) Make sure your bench is clearly identified as a “buddy bench” with some sort of sign or painting.  If you are interested in a bench similar to the one at Roundtown, please visit  They are teaming up with us to provide excellent benches and will even be able to engrave “Buddy Bench” for you.  You can also call them directly at 1-800-323-5664 and ask for Jill!  She is happy to help you select your bench!

Outdoor School Furniture is another company that is happy to help you with your bench selection.  Please visit them at to view their products.

Plastic Lumber & Outdoor, LLC can also provide Buddy Benches to your school.  They donated a bench to a local elementary school that was made out of 640 recycled milk jugs!  Please visit them at for more information.

A very cost-effective alternative is to make your own bench. ConcreteBenchMolds, LLC sells re-usable molds for making benches. In this way, you can make a bench for each of the schools in your district, and can fully customize colors and materials. They also provide a 10% discount for all buddy bench customers. Simply use the code BUDDY at checkout. Visit for more info and to see some benches people have made with their molds.

Commercial Site Furnishings offers seven different styles of Buddy Benches.  Please visit their website for more information!

Premier Polysteel, a family owned company based out of Iowa, is making Buddy Benches that are available to ship quickly!  Please visit their website for more information!