Letters Of Support

Dear Christian,

Here are some photos of the friendship benches that we have made. We designed them by ourselves and made them ourselves too. In our technology lesson the teacher helped us to make them. We think your idea is really really good and we are your big fans. We really think that the friendship bench help us.


Hi Christian,

Here are some photos of our buddy benches. We designed them in art and in technology. We even cut the wood to make them!

We are watching carefully how they are being used.  People are enjoying using them

Kind Regards, Liv

Dear Christian,

I like the friendship  benches because they look very nice and very colorful . They have our very nice painted messages on them. I heard that the idea of the benches came from you. Thanks!


So many of our families have been thrilled about the Buddy Bench idea! Not all children like to play sports or have friends to “hang out” with, the Buddy Bench will fill the void for these students by offering a safe haven.  In an effort to provide a safe environment for all students, I am excited to observe the positive impact that Christian’s idea will have on our children. I am looking forward to the benches creating a safe, kind, friendly, and caring school atmosphere for all kiddos!

Click on the link below to see an adorable thank you message from the second graders at Hillel Day School in Michigan!

Hillel thank you

How many playgrounds are there in this country?  How many kids feel alone on those playgrounds?  How many parents worry about this kids being one of those lonely kids on the playground?  This little dude came up with a solution.  And we think it’s rather brilliant.  The beauty of this story is it’s simple.  If every school had a Buddy Bench, just think about the smiles and friendships that could bloom as a result.  Way to go Christian.  We’ll be your buddy any day of the week.  Kids, can YOU convince your principal to add a Buddy Bench on YOUR playground?

– Food Bank of the Rockies

Hello! My name is Carly and I heard his story on the Today show and links on facebook! I immediately told my principal and one of my former students loved the idea and with other kids we created our buddy bench for our school! Tomorrow is the big reveal and we are a “Leader In Me” Covey school so we added the habits to our bench but the entire idea and creation was done by our students and thanks to Christian for the amazing idea! ♥

Please extend my deepest thanks to Christian and his family for bringing attention to this idea.  We will be placing the Buddy Benches on our playground in memory of my son, who died in car accident this August shortly after his high school graduation.  He spent much of his senior year working at the after school program with our elementary students and many of those hours were spent on the playground.  It has been a major challenge to find an appropriate and fitting way to honor his involvement here at school that I felt he would have appreciated and enjoyed.  My heart nearly broke with joy when I read of Christian’s project.  It is a perfect way to honor a young man who loved his friends wholeheartedly and with great loyalty.  My son would be thrilled to have a place to help other young people make lasting friendships.

So thank you, Christian for the beautiful project you have brought all the way to Indiana to help many hurting people heal from grief and loneliness.  You are truly an amazing young man and Roundtown Elementary is greatly blessed to have you as one of their students.  KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK AND IDEAS!

Just want to thank you and your son- because of him my child who has a rare genetic syndrome who so badly wants to make friends but has a social/speech barrier has been successfully playing and making friends at recess with the buddy bench!

Just want to thank you again- you both have changed his life.  I haven’t seen him come home so happy in a long time!


ROSES >> To Christian Bucks, a second-grader at Roundtown Elementary School, for his great idea: A “Buddy Bench.” Students who are lonely, with no one to play with, can sit on the bench, which is designed to encourage other students to befriend them. Roses to Roundtown staffers for making this idea a reality.

York Daily Record

Dear Christian,

My name is Sarah and I am 25 years old. I read about your Buddy Bench in the Huffington Post– I thought it was such a great idea! When I was in elementary school I didn’t have many buddies on the playground. Now that I’ve gotten a little older, I have met lots of friends and I have a job as a Social Worker where I can help lonely people. It would have been really nice to have a safe place like your Buddy Bench on my elementary school’s playground!

I just wanted to let you know that, to me, you are a hero! It is people like you who inspire me to do my job as a Social Worker. Thank you & keep up the good work!